Law Enforcement and Justice


Approximately three-fourths Dallas County’s budget is allocated to justice administration, law enforcement and juvenile services. It is critical that we reduce and modernize the costly bureaucracy that exists in our jail and our courts. J.J. has practiced before these courts and understands the workings of the jail from his wide range of experience throughout his career. Further, in his time at Thomson Reuters he was employed in a part of firm that focused on creating process efficiency for private law firms, corporate legal departments and government entities. While there he was part of a leadership team that designed contract life-cycle management software that aimed to increase efficiency in the flow of transactions and accountability in the business units that where under new contractual obligations. By eliminating waste within our courts, the people of Dallas will not suffer the delayed justice they currently face. Most importantly, by improving efficiency in the jails and where our local law enforcement agencies interact with the court, we get them back on the streets faster to keep us safe. Last, the rule of law being central to any democracy, J.J. will vigorously oppose any efforts to continue our expand “sanctuary city” policies.




As all roads led to Rome, seemingly all roads lead to downtown Dallas. While this bestows a great deal of benefit to our communities in the northern part of the county, we have also suffered under the weight of great regional ambitions. Our communities pay more for rail then do new cities that have been courted into the system. As greater traffic flows onto ever expending major arteries, our local residents are struggling with much longer travel times. Why should we be paying more for other counties to get their residents to work when we are struggling to get to our own children’s afterschool activities? J.J. is going to fight for fairness in the transportation space and make sure the residents of District 2 experience the same quality of life as other north Texans.


Faith in Government


The Commissioners court has become blight on the confidence the public has in local government. When the Commissioners and County Judge are not grandstanding, or advocating for liberal reforms outside the scope of their mandate, they are turning a blind eye to rampant corruption. Taxpayers deserve a champion, a watchdog on the court. J.J. Koch is a fighter and skilled legal tactician that will help bring an end to a dark period in the history of the Commissioners Court.


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