No Tax Increases

Commissioner Koch always votes to lower taxes. 


No Salary Increases for Elected Officials

Commissioner Koch opposed the recent salary increase and refused to take extra pay.

Cut Waste & Improved Efficiency

Commissioner Koch used his technology expertise to eliminate wasteful spending and works to ensure taxpayers get a better return on their hard-earned dollars.


Commissioner Koch stopped the "political rewards" program instituted by Democrats. He fought corruption, demanded accountability and transparency and opposed wasteful spending by the Elections Department.


J.J. led the charge to hire a new IT Head and has championed her efforts to reform Dallas County processes. As Chair of the Continuous Improvement Steering Committee, Commissioner Koch led efforts that put Dallas County on a path to save tens of millions over the next 10 years. His leadership started the implementation of Oracle Cloud for ERP system and fostered the enactment of modern management performance measurement in OKRs as used by Google, Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, Viacom, Samsung, etc.


Commissioner Koch led the effort to halt death penalty funding for reasons of racial bias, requiring the county to adopt a cite-and-release policy, supported funding for wastewater studies to determine the prevalence of drug abuse in our communities, reducing disproportionate enforcement and increasing rehabilitation efforts where needed. 


New Dallas County Jail

Advocates for a modern Dallas County Jail, which will help reduce major staffing issues and runaway overtime, along with continuous "patchwork" solutions.  A new jail will save money with a more efficient intake process and modern facilities.



Commissioner Koch worked with Court members to demand that the County Judge stop unilaterally harming small businesses with draconian measures from his "emergency" powers.