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Marchant Good Government Fund


Commissioner J.J. Koch has been a friend and ally for many years. He's always there for me, our great city of Irving, and our shared constituents.
He works hard to serve and he succeeds.

Councilman Oscar Ward, Irving City Council

Commissioner J.J. Koch is a proven leader with a vision for a future in Dallas County that supports infrastructure, transportation and safe schools. A family man who cares about our veterans, and I'm proud to support J.J.

Major General Al Zapanta, Irving Mayor Pro Tempore

Commissioner Koch has served his diverse district with outstanding grace for the past 4 years. His dedication and contributions have proven to be instrumental in growing our economy. He has demonstrated special care for everyone. Commissioner Koch is committed to a future based on equal opportunity. He wants to see his constituents live, work, raise a family and participate fully in the American Dream regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability or economic status. Dallas County District 2 will be best served by Commissioner J.J. Koch who openly listens to everyone's needs.

Young Sung, Councilmember, Carrollton TX

In the years I have known Commissioner J.J. Koch, he has always had the needs of the people in his heart. His experience, ability to make tough decisions, and commitment to bettering the lives of those around him have served our communities well. I have had the opportunity to speak with Commissioner J.J. Koch on several occasions about issues like transportation, quality of life and rule of law and I believe he has the experience and ability to continue to meet the significant challenges we face.

Andrew Palacios, Mayor Pro Tem, Carrolton TX

I always appreciated Dallas County Commissioner J.J. Koch's assistance anytime our city needed it. He was a great partner on road and bridge projects. He took time to support events in our city.

Mike Felix, Former Mayor, City of Sachse

Over the years J.J. Koch has always found ways to assist the City of Richardson and his constituents. His door has always been open, and he has a proven track record of developing creative and innovative approaches to address issues.

Paul Voelker, Mayor, Richardson, TX

Dallas County Commissioner J.J. Koch holds himself and others accountable in our county government. He has an excellent sense of office and spends his time on the necessary policies and matters where he can actually make a difference by holding the line or advocating for change. He’s intelligent, capable and hardworking. Since taking office I’ve observed and admire how he listens to both sides and is open to all views in order to keep county government systems, departments and employees engaged and going forward for the good of all Dallas County.

Karen Hunt, Former Mayor, Coppell, TX

Commissioner J.J. Koch has a passion for addressing the needs of the municipalities in his district. I appreciate his attention to roads, bridges, parks and trails, and his partnership to improve infrastructure and processes for working with the County and their resources. He listens. He cares.

Kevin Falconer, Former Mayor, Carrollton, TX

Commissioner J.J. Koch always fights for small business. And I appreciate his efforts on our behalf. As a restaurant owner and mayor of one of the 35 cities inside Dallas County I’m happy to have Commissioner Koch in my corner. He knows what hard work is and doesn’t let up or give up. He’s always on the job –just like me. We need to keep his voice on this important Court.

Joe Chow, Mayor, Addison, TX

Dallas County Commissioner J.J. Koch is the real deal in how to govern well. He understands the priority issues of county government and how this commissioners court works – and must work. In fact, he understands all the issues and we can count on him to support our middle class values with commonsense solutions and practical applications. If he gives his word you can take it to the bank. An office holder’s word in government (and politics) gives his constituents and the entire electorate confidence and security. We know Commissioner Koch is watching out for us.

Robert Dye, Mayor, Farmers Branch, TX

Mayor Steve Babick, City of Carrollton

Mayor Will Beecherl, Town of Highland Park

Mayor Tommy Stewart, City of University Park


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